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Level 3 Top 5 teams:
1st – Metro
2nd – NGTC
3rd – Westside
4th – Riverside
5th – Team Matrix


Level 4 Top 5 Teams:
1st – PEG
2nd – Westside
3rd – Metro
4th – ABK
5th – Salem Gym


Level 5 Top 5 Teams
1st – Westside
2nd – UVG
3rd – Metro
Tie for 4th – MAC and OOA

International Gymnastics Camp, in conjunction with USA Gymnastics, is delighted to announce

the new “IGC Athlete Spotlight” feature.  Each month during the school year, one male and one female gymnast at the developmental level will be recognized by USA Gymnastics on its Facebook, Twitter, and in its member newsletter.   Instructions for nominating athletes can be found here: 2015 IGC Athlete Spotlight Nomination Letter – State and Regional Directors

REMINDER: USA Gymnastics will not be distributing hard copies of the Rules & Policies for this season. You can download your copy here: 2015-2016 Rules & Policies

JO Updates from USAG as of September 21, 2015

To see a webinar of the JO Update from National Congress, click here: https://usagym.org/pages/membership/pages/webinars.html

 2013-17JOCodeerrata_revSept 21_2015

 2013 FX-josymbolsappndx06 revSept 2015

 JOCode-BEAM Revised pgs168-169_171 Sept2015

 JOCode-Bars Revised page 64-Sept 21 2015

JO Updates from USAG as of September 14, 2015

  2013-17JOCodeerrata_revSept 2015

  JOCode-Vault Revised page 35-Sept 2015

  JOCode-Floor Replacement page230+243 Sept 2015

JO Updates from USAG as of July 29, 2015

  2013-17JOCodeerrata_revJuly 2015

  JO Code-General_Revised pgs-July 2015

**USAG will not be providing paper copies of the 2015-2016 Rules & Policies! You may download them here: 2015-2016 Rules & Policies


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