State Administrative Committee

brochure_pdf ORSAC Meeting Minutes June 2017

brochure_pdf ORSAC Meeting Minutes March 2017

brochure_pdf ORSAC Meeting Minutes Nov 2016

Past Committee Meeting Minutes

State Chair: Molly Gill

Secretary – Kirsten Gackowski

Education and Event Manager – Rali Manolova

Judges Rep – Ann Heppner

Gym Owner/Meet Director Rep – Kelsey Kottek

South Compulsory Sectionals Rep – Khumbulani Moyo

North Compulsory Sectionals Rep – Susan Engle

Optional Rep – Sara Halverson

XCEL Rep – Heidi Fogarty

TOPS Rep – Drew Grow

Please contact the appropriate Board member to discuss or to bring up any issues. This board member will bring your concern or suggestion to the Board

NonVoting Positions:

CPE Coordinator – Chris

NAWGJ Rep – Lynn McCaffrey