Oregon Womens Compulsory and Optional Meet Schedule and Calendar 2017-2018

Qualifying Scores for State Meet:

  • Xcel Program, All Levels:
    • Competitors must compete all-around at two USA Gymnastics sanctioned competition during the regular season (currently December through April).
  • Level 3 qualification to Fall and Spring state:
    • Competitors must achieve a minimum of a 33.0 all-around two weeks prior to the state competition. Gymnasts must compete all four events to qualify.
  • Level 4 & 5 qualification to Fall and Spring state:
    • Competitors must achieve a minimum of a 32.0 all-around two weeks prior to the state competition. Gymnasts must compete all four events to qualify.
  • Level 6-10 qualification to State:
    • Competitors must achieve a 32.0 minimum at least two weeks prior to the state championship.
    • Event Specialists must be declared by the drop back date (determined by Region 2) and can qualify by achieving an 8.5 on each event.


1-3           Labor Day Weekend

15-17       NAWGJ Oregon – Judge’s Cup at Athletic Edge (L2-5, Xcel) JO 2017 Flyer

16             National Gymnastics Day!

22-24      Rigert Elite – Sweet September (L2-5) Sweet September 2017 Flyer

 NAAG – Back To School (L2-5) Back 2 School Flyer 2017

29-1         FlightSchool Gymnastics – Sapphire Invitational (L1-5) Sapphire 2017 – Enchanted

 Super Camp – OMEGA SOUTH SUPERCAMP 2017   Super Camp Registration form



6-8         The Gym-Nest Ltd. – Tiki Tumble (L2-5) Gym-Nest Meet Flyers 2017-2018

GymPlus – Lighthouse Classic Invitational (L2-5) 2017 LIGHTHOUSE CLASSIC

13-15      USGA – Flip’r’Treat (L1-5) Flip-R-Treat 2017

MAC – Bulldog Invitational (L3-5)  MAC – BULLDOG INV 2017

20-23     Riverside Gymnastics – Oregon Trail Invitational (L3-5) Oregon Trail Invitational Meet Flyer

Ashland Y (L2-5)  Octoberfest meet flier Ashland YMCA

23          Compulsory Drop Back Date for Fall season

27-29     Metro – Ghostbusters (L3-5) 2017 Ghostbusters Flyer

NAAG – Spookfest (L2-5) Spookfest Flyer 2017



3-5          Westside – Last Chance Qualifier (L2-5) LCQ Fall 2017 Flyer

Umpqua Valley – Harvest Invitational (L1-5)

High Tech Camp (OMEGA)  HIGHTECH_2017

Xcel Athlete Clinic (MAC)  Athlete Clinic Registraion MAC 17

17-19      Compulsory State hosted by USGA  OR Women’s State Compulsory Nov 2017

23-25     Thanksgiving



2-3          Winter Clinic hosted by OSUGA Winter Clinic 2017

15-17        NAAG – Jumpstart (L6-10; Xcel) – Qualifier for Oregon Level 7 team to compete at National Judge’s Cup   jump start flyer 2017



5-7         National Judge’s Cup – Portland Convention Center

12-14     OGA – World Cup (L3-10; Xcel) World Cup 2018 Flyer

Athletic Edge (L2-10, Xcel) Reach for the Goal invitational

19-21     FlightSchool – Above & Beyond Invitational (L1-10; Xcel)  2018 above n beyond flyer

USGA – Arctic Rush (L1-10, Xcel) Arctic Rush Girls 2018

27-29     Precision Elite Gymnastics – Great Wolf Lodge Invitational (L2-10; Xcel) Great Wolfe Lodge 2018 Group Leader Letter 2018

State of Jefferson hosted at Motion Matrix (L2-10; Xcel)  State of Jefferson 2018

OSGA (L2-10, Xcel)  OSGA Classic



2-4          Athletic Edge – Pacific Edge Invitational in Newport (L2-10; Xcel) Pacific Edge 2018 – Flyer   Pacific Edge 2018 – Host Hotels  Host Hotel – Hallmark Athletic Edge Rate Sheet 2018

9-11         OMEGA – Top Gun Challenge (L3-10; Xcel, Boys L4-10)  Top Gun Challenge

GymPlus – Tumble by the Bay (L2-10; Xcel)  2018 tumble by the bay

 ABK – Cupid Classic (L2-10; Xcel)  Cupid Classic 2018

16-18      MAC Open (Level 3-10; Xcel) MAC OPEN FLYER 2018

19           Drop Back Date for Optionals

23-25     Metro – Rose City Challenge (L2-10; Xcel)

 Umpqua Valley –  Riverside Classic (L1-10, Xcel)


MARCH 2018

2-4          NAAG – Emerald Team Challenge (L2-10; Xcel) Emerald Flyer 2018  EMERALD-Reg-Form-2018

9-11        The Gym-Nest Ltd. – Shamrock Invitational (L3-5; Xcel) Gym-Nest Meet Flyers 2017-2018

Ashland Y  – Shakespeare Invitational (L2-5; Xcel) Shakespeare meet flier Ashland YMCA

16-18     Optional State Meet and Compulsory Invitational hosted by OSGA

19           Compulsory and Xcel Drop Back Date for Spring Season

23-25      FlightSchool – Superfriends (L1-5, Xcel) SuperFriends 2018


APRIL 2018

30-1         Easter Weekend

6-8          Xcel State Meet and Compulsory Invitational hosted by GymNW

 Westside – Last Chance Qualifier (L2-5)

 Rigert Elite – State Trials (L2-5) State Trials Flyer 2018

13-15       Regionals in Tacoma

21-23     Compulsory State hosted by Athletic Edge


MAY 2018

4-6          Western Nationals in Salt Lake City, UT

11-13      JO Nationals in Cincinnati, OH


JUNE 2018

29-31   Region 2 Congress hosted by OMEGA


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