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Safe Sport

Our annual award winners announced!

Congratulations to the following Oregon award recipients:

Compulsory Judge of the Year: Theo Simmons

Xcel Judge of the Year: Lynn McCaffrey

Optional Judge of the Year: Meg Doxtator

Compulsory Coach of the Year: Hailey Trautman

Xcel Coach of the Year: Mackenzi Chapel

Optional Coach of the Year: Kelsey Kottek

Club of the Year: Athletic Edge

Congrats to Our Athletes who Qualified for L9 Westerns and L10 Nationals as well as our Regional Winners!!

Level 9 Western Qualifiers:

Allie Moore - NAAG

Demi Overlin - Athletic Edge

Jaysa Pippa-Vazquez - SOGA

Audrina Alvarez - SOGA

Reece Holmes - Klamath Gymnastics

Hailey Eckhold - PEAK Elite

Addison Hyland - NAAG

Amelia Wines - PEAK Elite

Sienna Livengood - Metro

Cadence Fineran - JGNW

Nicole Cox - Athletic Edge

Kaylee Ortiz - Westside

Abigail Schmidt - OOA

Madison Downey - Athletic Edge


Level 10 National Qualifiers:

Safiya Morgan - NAAG

Chelsea Deeb - Westside

Bella Blea - Athletic Edge

Macie Stones - Athletic Edge

Kaitlyn Vaz - Athletic Edge


Level 9 Region 2 Champions:

Allie Moore - NAAG - Vault Champion

Victoria Hanson - Athletic Edge - Vault Champion

Ellie Ekwere - Athletic Edge - Floor Champion

Level 10 Region 2 Champions:

Chelsea Deeb - Westside - Vault and Floor Champion

Congratulations to our Spring Compulsory State Top Three Teams in Each Level!!

Level 2 Teams:

1. Team Matrix

2. Athletic Edge


Level 3 Teams:


2. UVG

3. Athletic Edge

Level 4 Teams:


2.  Rigert

3.  Flightschool

Level 5 Teams:

1.  Athletic Edge

2. Gym NW

2. Rigert

Congratulations to our Xcel State Top Three Teams in Each Division!!

Bronze Teams:

1. Silverton

2. Westside

3. Infinity

Silver Teams:

1. Silverton

2. OGA


Gold Teams:

1. SIlverton


3. OGA

Platinum Teams:

1. Athletic Edge

2. Silverton


Diamond Teams:

1. Silverton

2. OGA

3. Athletic Edge


Congratulations to our Optional State Top Three Teams!!

Level 6:

1st - Rigert Elite

2nd - OMEGA

3rd - Precision Elite

Level 7:

1st - Westside

2nd - Rigert Elite

3rd -Precision Elite

Level 8:

1st - Metro

2nd - Precision Elite

3rd - NAAG

Level 9:

1st - Athletic Edge

2nd - NAAG

3rd - Westside

Level 10:

1st - Westside

2nd - Athletic Edge

3rd - NAAG

Combined L9/10 team champions were announced at state and that top team award was given to NAAG.

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    Kelsey Kottek

    Kelsey Kottek

    State Chairman