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The week following the hosting of  a meet, the gym that is hosting  needs to send $2 per competitor for the State Administrative Fee – check made out to USA Gym Oregon and mailed to:

Molly Gill
1543 SE Gerhard Dr.
Hillsboro, OR 97123

Requesting Judges for your meets

Here is the link to the Meet Director’s Menu that you should use:    

  • Select Oregon
  • Choose Meet Directors Menu (On that page you will see the already submitted meets on the schedule)
  • To create a new request, follow the Create a New Meet request link at the top of the page, then fill out the form with the information about your meet as best you can. 
  • You will be able to make updates later if some things change.
  • Most gyms are pre-loaded in the system and will therefore be present in the drop-down box to pre-load your address information. (However, if you do not see your gym in the list, just type the information in yourself.  If you let me know that it was not in the list, we’ll get it added for next time!)
  • Once you submit the form, it will show up immediately on the schedule, but it will be marked as “pending” until your $3 per judge fee is submitted. Once the fee has been received, it will be marked “Accepted”.   If you have already paid your fees, (and Lynn has your checks) I will go in and mark your meets as accepted.
  • The form allows you to submit comments to the Judge Assigner, provide information about the levels of gymnasts,  and therefore the required level of judges, the type of meet,  etc.  

You can select your requested judges from the check-boxes provided. Be advised that they may or may not be available and may not work out depending on the levels of judges that you require for your meet. 

You will provide either your USAG professional member number or other PIN code 
to use as a password that can be used at a later time to make updates to the meet information.  

  • To UPDATE a meet form, first put your USAG number or PIN code in the yellow input field, and then select your meet in the list of meets in the table.
  • Either double click on that row or select the row and then push the submit button.  You will be shown an update form for making changes.

The assigning fee of $3/judge requested should be included with the request form with the check made payable to “NAWGJ Oregon.” Assigning fees should be mailed to:

Lynn McCaffrey
1615 SE 74th Ave.
Hillsboro OR 97123

All meet results must be sent to the state tabulator via email at: